Travel & Accommodation


General conference information (including the schedule, maps, restaurant information, and more) is available for download HERE. Your conference package will contain a hard copy of a shortened version of this document.

On Campus

We have reserved 125 rooms at the UBC Conferences and Accommodation facility, Gage Residences. Rooms are available on a first-come first-served basis. To ensure you receive the special CASCA conference rate, please book your room through the CASCA 2013 accommodation booking page.

Budget rooms in shared single apartments: $44 per night plus tax. Private Bedroom, bathroom kitchenette and TV area shared between 4 people.  

Each room features a single-size bed in a private bedroom, located within a six-bedroom apartment. Bed linens and towels are provided. Each apartment has a shared lounge with TV, shared kitchenette with fridge and sink, and shared washroom. High speed (broadband) Internet available. Breakfast is included. Check-in at 3pm and check-out at 11am.

Click here for more information on budget rooms, but please use the above link to the CASCA booking page to ensure you receive the special rate.

Standard one bedroom: $116 per night plus tax. Private bedroom and bathroom. 

Each room features double-size bed in bedroom with luxury linens, bathroom with shower stall (no tub), fully-equipped kitchenette with coffee, phone and TV, on-site laundry, and high speed internet. Breakfast included. Check-in at 3pm and check-out at 11am.

Click here for more information on standard rooms, but please use the above link to the CASCA booking page to ensure you receive the special rate.

Additional on campus accommodation options include TRIUMF Housethe Carey Centre, St. John's College, Vancouver School of Theology, and Green College. We cannot guarantee availability or pricing at these locations, so encourage you to reserve accommodation at Gage Residences if available. 

Off Campus

We will not be reserving any rooms at off campus hotels. While there are many options in downtown Vancouver, we recommend the MODA. Average room pricing for downtown hotels is usually $125-175 per night. If choosing to stay off campus keep transit to campus in mind. The main bus lines between UBC and downtown run along Burrard St. and Granville St. so a hotel near those areas may be preferable. Transit time from the outskirts of downtown via bus can take up to an hour. 


To UBC from Vancouver International Airport (YVR)


A taxi ride from the Vancouver International Airport to UBC usually takes approximately 30-45 minutes, and costs $30-40 one way.
Checker: 604-731-1111
Yellow Cab: 604-681-1111

Public Transit

From Vancouver International Airport, take the Canada Line Skytrain going to Waterfront.

  • Option 1: Get off at Oakridge-41st Station Northbound. Transfer to either the #43 UBC or #41 UBC buses.
  • Option 2: Get off at Cambie-Broadway Station Northbound. Transfer to #99 UBC.

UBC is a bus terminus, so get off at the end of the line!

During peak transit hours (weekdays before 6:30pm), it costs $9.00 to go from YVR to UBC ($4.00 + $5.00 Airport Add Fare), and $4.00 (regular fare) to go from UBC to YVR. Outside of peak hours, the cost is $7.75 from YVR to UBC and $2.75 return. The $5 add fare can be avoided by purchasing a book of 10 1-zone tickets (for $21.00) at the 7-11 in the domestic arrivals area of the airport. This is particularly useful if you are travelling in a group. During peak hours, you will need to buy an AddFare for $1.25, payable at the entrace to the Canada Line.

For information about accessing the Canada Line at YVR, please visit the YVR website. For more information about Translink Services, please visit Translink website or call 604-953-3333.
From UBC to downtown Vancouver and lower mainland
The UBC bus loop is located right next to the Student Recreation Centre (map). Diesel-powered buses (#25, 33, 41, 43, 44, 49, 84, 99, 258, 480) all depart from this bus loop. Other buses (trolley type busses, #4, 9, 17) depart from a smaller bus loop located on the University Boulevard (map). More information can be found on the UBC Transit Tips web page, or visit Translink website or call 604-953-3333.

Maps - UBC, Vancouver, Transit Services
Map of UBC
Map of Vancouver
Public Transit Services Map