Wednesday Schedule

CASCA 2013 Schedule for Wednesday, May 29, 2013

0830 Planck
Location: Hebb Theatre Chair: Mark Halpern
0830 Scott, Douglas Overview of the Planck Mission
0900 Bond, J. RIchard Fundamental Physics from the Planck Satellite
0930 Hanson, Duncan The Planck Lensing Potential
1000 Martin, Peter Planck’s impact on interstellar medium science
morning coffee
Bevies & goodies provided by Nuba
1100 Future Instruments
Location: Hennings 200 Chair: Gary Hinshaw
1100 Grandmont, Frederic SITELLE, a Few Months to First Light at CFHT
1115 Cote, Patrick Science with the Next Generation CFHT
1130 Steinbring, Eric Eureka! Astronomy from the Arctic as well as Antarctic
1145 Rowlands, Neil Completion of the FGS/NIRISS Instrument for JWST
1200 Chapman, Scott The CCAT XSPEC instrument, and submm-wave line surveys for distant galaxies
1215 Naylor, David SAFARI: Imaging Spectrometer for the SPICA space observatory
1100 Compact Objects
Location: Hennings 202 Chair: Sharon Morsink
1100 Heyl, Jeremy The Structure Neutron-Star Magnetic Fields
1115 Stevens, Abigail Using X-ray Light Curves to Constrain the Neutron Star Equation of State
1130 Gill, Ramandeep Study of high energy processes in relativistic plasmas near compact sources
1145 Vulic, Neven Searching for Faint X-Ray Binaries in M31
1200 pickup, heather Tidally induced type 1a supernovae in white dwarf - intermediate mass black hole binaries
1215 Madsen, Erik Detecting pulsars in fast, eccentric orbits
1200 lunch
1400 White Dwarfs & Clusters
Location: Hebb Theatre Chair: Harvey Richer
1400 Goldsbury, Ryan Constraining the High Temperature End of White Dwarf Cooling Models
1415 Prodan, Snezana Three body dynamics in extreme stellar enviroments
1430 Kirk, Helen Mass Segregation in Simulated Small-Cluster Formation
1445 Samra, Raminder 3D Velocity Tomography in the core of Messier 71
1500 Kalirai, Jason Exploring the Stellar Graveyard of the Milky Way
1400 Theory
Location: Hennings 202 Chair: Dick Bond
1400 Afshordi, Niayesh Where Will Einstein Fail?
1430 Narimani, Ali Modified Gravity in Cosmology
1445 Foucart, Francois Numerical simulations of black hole-neutron star mergers
1500 MacDonald, Ilana The Suitability of Hybrid Waveforms for Advanced Gravitational Wave Detectors
1515 Cyr-Racine, Francis-Yan How Much do we Really Know about Neutrinos? Limits on Neutrino-Neutrino Scattering in the Early Universe.
Bevies & goodies provided by Nuba
1600 CASCA AGM  
Location: Hebb Theatre Chair: Christine Wilson
1930 Banquet
Location: Fish House Restaurant