Tuesday Schedule

CASCA 2013 Schedule for Tuesday, May 28, 2013

0830 Introductions  
0900 Invited Talks
Location: Hebb Theatre Chair: Douglas Scott
0900 Wilson, Christine The Herschel Legacy
0930 Evans, Neal First Results from ALMA and Future Prospects
1000 Rowe, Jason Progress in discovery of planets away from the home solar system
morning coffee
Bevies & goodies provided by Nuba
1100 Alma
Location: Hebb Theatre Chair: Brenda Matthews
1100 Booth, Mark ALMA Cycle 0 Image of the AU Mic Debris Disc
1115 Di Francesco, James ALMA Cycle 0 Observations of Proplyds in Orion
1130 Friesen, Rachel ALMA Observations of Clustered Star-Forming Cores in Ophiuchus
1145 Rosolowsky, Erik Fueling a Nuclear Starburst -- Giant Molecular Clouds in NGC 253
1200 Hezaveh, Yashar ALMA Observations of Gravitationally Lensed, High Redshift, Dusty Star Forming Galaxies
1215 Willott, Chris An ALMA study of star formation in z=6 quasar host galaxies
1100 Current Instruments
Location: Hennings 202 Chair: Stephanie Cote
1100 Halpern, Mark  
1115 Bastien, Pierre POL-2: a Polarimeter for the James-Clerk-Maxwell Telescope
1130 Cannon, Kipp Status of LIGO and Virgo
1145 Zhang, Jielai Dragonfly: A Quest for Ultra Low Surface Brightness
1200 Manset, Nadine Current data reduction pipeline developments for CFHT's MegaCam, WIRCam, and ESPaDOnS
1215 Matthews, Jaymie BRITE: A new constellation in the sky
1200 lunch
1400 Exoplanets
Location: Hebb Theatre Chair: Jaymie Matthews
1400 Doyon, Rene Discovery of a planetary mass companion around a young low-mass star
1415 Dragomir, Diana New results from the MOST super-Earth transit search
1430 Van Laerhoven, Christa Tides Among Planets: In-fall, Damping, and Habitability
1445 Esteves, Lisa Kepler Phasecurves: Pushing the Limits of Kepler's Photometric Precision
1500 Huber, Daniel Asteroseismology of Kepler Exoplanet Host Stars
1515 Rogers, Leslie Characterizing the Demographics of Exoplanet Bulk Compositions
1400 Cosmology
Location: Hennings 202 Chair: Yin-Zhe Ma
1400 Hinshaw, Gary 21 cm Observational Cosmology
1430 Addison, Graeme Cosmological constraints from BAO and large-scale structure clustering
1445 Masui, Kiyoshi 21 cm Intensity mapping with the Green Bank Telescope
1500 Ford, Jes Cluster Masses from Magnification in CFHTLS Wide
1515 Ngan, Wayne Using tidal streams to test cosmology
Bevies & goodies provided by Nuba
1600 Telescopes
Location: Hebb Theatre Chair: Greg Fahlman
1600 Davis, Gary The JCMT: Current Status and Future Prospects
1620 Simons, Doug CFHT Status Report and Future Plans
1640 Kissler-Patig, Markus New Opportunities with the Gemini Observatory
1600 Herschel
Location: Hennings 202 Chair: Gaelen Marsden
1600 Matthews, Brenda Impact of the Herschel Key Program DEBRIS
1615 Tahani, Kianoosh Orion-S star formation region latest update
1630 Parkin, Tara Heating and Cooling Variations in M51
1645 Asboth, Viktoria Finding very high redshift starburst galaxies with Herschel
1700 Posters
1930 Hogg Lecture
Location: Hebb Theatre Chair: Douglas Scott
1930 Malcolm Longair Cosmology - its tortuous history, glorious present and bright future