Thursday Schedule

CASCA 2013 Schedule for Thursday, May 30, 2013

0830 Education and Outreach
Location: Hennings 202 Chair: Jasper Wall
0830 Medupe, Thebe Astronomy Outreach and Education in South Africa: Lessons for Canada
0900 Morsink, Sharon Astronomy Education at the University of Alberta Observatory
0915 Reid, Michael Lessons Learned from the Transit of Venus at Varsity Stadium
0930 Donovan, Eric AuroraMAX!
0830 Star-formation and Disks
Location: Hebb Theatre Chair: Bill McCutcheon
0830 Murray, Norman Rapid Star Formation
0845 van der Wiel, Matthijs The molecular environment surrounding two massive star-forming cores in NGC6334
0900 Broekhoven-Fiene, Hannah A First Look at the Disk Population in the Auriga/California Giant Molecular Cloud
0915 Johnstone, Doug Continuum Variability of Deeply Embedded Protostars as a Probe of Envelope Structure
0930 Maddison, Sarah Radial dust migration in the TW Hydra protoplanetary disk
0945 Alexandersen, Mike The first known Uranian Trojan and the frequency of temporary giant-planet co-orbitals.
1000 Qilak Award
Location: Hebb Theatre Chair: Laura Ferrarese
1000 Hesser, James Provocative Reflections on Communicating Astronomy in 2013 Canada
morning coffee
Bevies & goodies provided by Nuba

1100 Prize Talks
Location: Hebb Theatre Chair: Laura Ferrarese
1100 Combes, Francoise Molecular gas in galaxies across the Hubble time
1130 Kaspi, Victoria Grand Unification of Neutron Stars
1200 Hasegawa, Yasuhiro Planet traps in protoplanetary disks and the formation and evolution of planetary systems
1200 lunch
1400 Nearby Galaxies
Location: Hebb Theatre Chair: Christine Wilson
1400 Venn, Kim Galactic Archaeology
1415 Cooper, Brendan The Magnetic Field at the Disk-Halo Boundary in the Milky Way
1430 Lee-Waddell, Karen A multi-wavelength investigation of the interacting galaxy group NGC 871/7
1445 Foyle, Kelly Dissecting the Dust - Compact Regions in the Far-Infrared Maps of M83
1500 Ferrarese, Laura Galaxy Scaling Relation and Luminosity Function from the Next Generation Virgo Cluster Survey
1515 Taylor, James Fainter Dwarfs, Closer By
1400 Explosions & Accretion
Location: Hennings 202 Chair: Samar Safi-Harb
1400 Davis, Shane The Thermal Stability of Black Hole Accretion Flows
1415 Gladstone, Jeanette Exploring ultraluminous X-ray sources using the optical regime
1430 Sivakoff, Gregory Multiwavelength Revelations of the Accretion Disc - Relativistic Jet Connection
1445 Graham, Melissa Supernovae with The Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network
1500 Zhu, Chenchong White Dwarf Merger Lite: Can Small White Dwarf Mergers Explain Type Ia Supernovae?
1515 West, Jennifer Modelling polarized radio emission from supernova remnants
Bevies & goodies provided by Nuba
1600 Distant Galaxies
Location: Hebb Theatre Chair: Chris Willott
1600 Taranu, Dan Forming Elliptical Galaxies via Mergers in Groups
1615 Côté, Benoit Galaxy Model for Galactic Winds in Cosmological Simulations
1630 Weijmans, Anne-Marie Integral-field spectroscopy of local nuggets: deciphering their structure and formation history
1645 Hill, Allison Quasars in the Mid-Infrared: The Suburban Real Estate Around a Growing Supermassive Black Hole
1700 Vernstrom, Tessa The Deepest View of the Radio Universe at 3 GHz
1715 Taylor, Russ The Deep Sky at 5 GHz
1600 Stars and Binaries
Location: Hennings 202 Chair: Kim Venn
1600 Wade, Gregg The BinaMIcS Large Programs
1615 Antonini, Fabio The origin of the S-star claster at the Galactic Center
1630 A. Nandez, Jose Luis What V1309 Sco can teach us
1645 David-Uraz, Alexandre Searching for the origin of the wind variability of OB stars
1700 Hoffman, Kelsey The Effect of Micro-lensing in Eclipsing Binary-star Systems
1715 Hejazi, Neda

"New Photometric Calibrations of Metallicity and Temperature for M dwarfs",

1730 Closing Lecture