Invited Talks

CASCA 2013 Schedule for Invited Talks

Invited Talks
Location: Hebb Theatre Chair: Douglas Scott
0900 Wilson, Christine The Herschel Legacy
  In its nearly four years of observing, the Herschel Space Observatory has revolutionized our view of the far-infrared and submillimetre sky. Its high angular resolution and sensitivity have been used to study everything from comets in our own solar system to high redshift galaxies and quasars. I will present an overview of selected science highlights from Herschel.
0930 Evans, Neal First Results from ALMA and Future Prospects
  I will summarize some representative results from Early Science with ALMA and discuss the current status and future development of ALMA.
1000 Rowe, Jason Progress in discovery of planets away from the home solar system
  Spacebased observatories have played a key role in finding, characterizing and for the first time beginning to understand the exoplanet population of our local Galaxy. I will review the latest observations and results from the NASA Kepler mission including the most recent exoplanet discoveries, progress in validating candidates as genuine exoplanetary systems and probing the surfaces and atmospheres of distant worlds. I also present a summary of discoveries and measurements of the brightest exoplanet host systems made by the Canadian MOST mission and how this unique platform is providing important measurements for determining the reflective and thermal properties of exoplanets. Finally, I will show how missions such as BRITE-Constellation have the potential to find transiting exoplanets orbiting stars bright enough to be seen by the unaided eye.